• Piyush Dhir

    Piyush Dhir

  • Kailash Nath

    Kailash Nath

  • Tabarak Khan

    Tabarak Khan

    I write about the psychological, emotional, and cultural factors that affect our decisions. Engineer | Brand Strategist | Curious

  • Melanie Strong

    Melanie Strong

    Managing Partner at sports and wellness VC Next Ventūres. Mountain biker, aspiring farmer, lover of all things outdoors.

  • Ebonique Boyd

    Ebonique Boyd

    CEO / co-founder of Budget Collector, a company dedicated to helping the middle class invest in fine art. https://www.budgetcollector.org

  • hanna.boone


  • Eric Mallari

    Eric Mallari

  • Ashish Aggarwal

    Ashish Aggarwal

    Early-stage investor in consumer software @GrishinRobotics, 2x founder, previously M&A @OperaSoftware, Engineering @Yahoo

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